runner (runners)

  1. somebody who runs
  2. (slang) A quick escape away from a scene
    He did a runner after robbing the drugstore
  3. a type of soft-soled shoe originally intended for runners, cf trainer; a sneaker
  4. a part of an apparatus that moves quickly
    After the cycle completes, the runner travels back quickly to be in place for the next cycle.
  5. a mechanical part intended for wheels to run on or to slide against another surface.
  6. a strip of fabric used to decorate a table
    The red runner makes the table so festive.
  7. a protective carpet cover for a high traffic area
    How about we put down a clear runner in the front hall.
  8. (scuffleball) a forward playing position
  9. (cricket) a player who runs for a batsman who is too injured to run; he is dressed exactly as the injured batsman, and carries a bat
  10. (baseball) A player who runs the bases
    The runner was out at second.
  11. (slang) A part of a cigarette that is burning unevenly.
  12. (botany) a long stolon sent out by a plant (such as strawberry), in order to root new plantlets.

6 letters in word "runner": E N N R R U.

No anagrams for runner found in this word list.

Words found within runner:

en er ern err ne nu nun nur nurr re ren rerun rue ruer run rune un ur ure urn